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The Year in Reflections

By December 21, 2020News Articles

The past year has been long and challenging for us all. Now that the Corona Virus lockdown restrictions are easing, I am sure we are all looking forward to a break and time to catch up with family and friends.

During the past 12 months, it was important that the PWS Advisory Group stayed true to our vision, centring on working together with our clients to improve personal wellbeing.

As with the wider business community, we entered this time with a level of anxiety, not knowing what the immediate future would hold.

However, we knew we needed to stay focused on our responsibilities to our clients, our team and their families, and the wider community. We had to stay connected with those who needed to rely on us during these uncertain times.

Throughout the past year the PWS Advisory Group team continually overcame the challenges that we and our clients encountered, with focus not just on the immediate effects of the Corona Virus but setting a pathway forward.

To this end the PWS Advisory Group has had both a challenging and rewarding year.

Having an incredibly focused, dedicated and committed team provided the foundation for achieving our goals and those of our clients. I thank all the team for their strong contribution.

Together we made a difference by developing plans and strategies that moved us and our clients forward. One thing was certain during the past year – doing nothing was not an option.

The PWS Advisory Group commenced working remotely on the 18th of March 2020.

Since the initial lockdown, we have added 6 new team members, ensuring that firstly we had the resources to meet the immediate needs of our clients, and secondly, and just as important, it allowed us to implement changes that will secure the future success of the PWS Advisory Group.

The introduction of a new Client Portal is on schedule to be rolled out in January 2021, allowing our clients and the PWS Advisory Team to communicate and work together more efficiently and allowing clients to take ownership of their financial wellbeing.

To ensure we remain relevant to our clients through improved efficiencies and therefore providing the capacity to provide pro-active, valuable advice, we are in the process of on-boarding clients onto ‘real-time’ reporting solutions.

Both these strategies will, over time, change the way our clients and the PWS Advisory Team work together, ensuring we provide ‘best practice’ proceeds to deliver quality advice and a sustainable future.

From a team perspective, it was great to have 3 of our team on maternity leave during the year, adding to the wider PWS Advisory family. There is more good news on this front to come in the new year.

I’m sure next year will provide both new and on-going challenges and opportunities for us all.

With our focus being to improve the wellbeing of both our team and our clients, the PWS Advisory Group is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace.

The PWS team will, therefore, continue to work remotely until at least February 2021. We will re-assess the position as the Corona Virus circumstances evolve.

However, as part of the transition, our team will be available to meet with clients personally as required. This will be on a pre-arranged appointment basis. Further our offices will not be open for deliveries during this period. Please contact us directly if you need to deliver any documents.

For the team and I, whilst the past year has been challenging, the work we have undertaken in servicing our clients this year has also been very rewarding. We thank our clients for their continual support.

We also thank the PWS Advisory Group associates for their assistance in providing the essential services required during these times. It is a team effort. Together we can all make a difference.

We are looking forward to working closely with you again during 2021.

On behalf of the PWS Advisory team we wish you a very enjoyable and healthy festive season.

Take care and look after yourself and those around you.


Steven Skoglund
Managing Director


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