Our Story

The PWS Advisory Group is a team that is highly motivated and passionate about improving the wellbeing of others. We engage with our clients to truly provide valued advice and service.

Our vision is about Improving Personal Wellbeing by working closely with our clients to achieve their goals and aspirations. We develop trust by understanding our clients’ individual circumstances to ensure peace of mind and financial prosperity.

Being a holistic advisory firm with Accountancy, Wealth and Finance advisory teams, we operate in the global community, having clients all over Australia and overseas. We assist our clients with both their businesses and personal affairs, with the sole view of achieving their goals and objectives.

Solutions are only developed once we understand our clients’ personal circumstances and what is important to them.

Our team of expert advisors specialise in areas such as accounting and business advice, taxation, finance, wealth accumulation and succession, risk management and insurance. Combining these specialities, we work together to create personalised solutions.

We are passionate about working with our clients in every step of their journey to fulfilling their individual aspirations. We believe in creating long-term trusted relationships and working together as a team with a focus on improving client wellbeing by guiding them through the challenges and celebrating their successes.

Together we make a positive difference.


Accounting Services Geelong Melbourne

Business Advisory

Peace of mind through specialised financial solutions for you and your business

Wealth Advisory Services Geelong Melbourne

Wealth Advisory

Helping you achieve your financial goals and objectives throughout all of life’s events

Finance Advisory Services Geelong Melbourne

Finance Advisory

Making the process of obtaining finance as smooth and as stress free as possible

Our Commitment
to you

We are dedicated to providing you with personalised, forward-thinking solutions through a consultative approach, ensuring that the outcomes we deliver are not only relevant but also resonate with your specific needs, offering you a sense of security and peace of mind.

The cornerstone of our advisory and service model is our trusted relationship with you.

By working in partnership, we gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique personal situation, which forms the foundation of your financial objectives and dreams.

Our service centres on shared values, upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

Our commitment to you is encapsulated in the following values:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Fairness
  • Competence
  • Honesty
  • Diligence


Acting to demonstrate, realise and promote the value of trustworthiness requires that we act in good faith in our relationships with other people. Trust is earned by good conduct. It is easily broken by unethical conduct. Trust requires us to act with integrity and honesty in all our professional dealings, and these values are interrelated.


Acting to demonstrate, realise and promote the value of fairness requires that us to bring professional objectivity to the task of engaging with clients professionally, and when recommending professional services. It requires us to properly investigate, evaluate and diagnose a client’s need for professional services, and to self-reflect on the limits of our professional competency.


Acting to demonstrate, realise and promote the value of competence requires us to have regard to the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform our professional obligations to each of our clients. It requires us to assess the professional services required by each client with regard to their individual needs, priorities, circumstances and preferences, expressed or implicitly identified as the subject matt er of the financial advisory engagement. While it may be possible to supplement professional competence by accessing the expertise of others, the duty of competence is ultimately personal and cannot be outsourced to others.


Acting to demonstrate, realise and promote the value of honesty requires that us to conduct ourselves with complete integrity in all our professional dealings with our clients and with all others that we engage with in a professional setting. It requires transparency, frankness and fairness to each of our clients, even where this may cause personal detriment.


Acting to demonstrate, realise and promote the value of diligence requires that we perform all professional engagements with due care and skill. It requires us to manage your ti me and resources to deliver professional services in a timely, efficient and effective way to each client.