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Running for a cause

By August 2, 2019August 5th, 2019News Articles

PWS Advisory Groups vision is to ‘Improve your Wellbeing’ by working closely with you to achieve you goals and aspirations.

Improving your personal wellbeing starts with looking after yourself by developing both a healthy body and a healthy mind. Exercise is an effective way of achieving both.

However, in our busy daily schedules, it is hard to find the time to exercise.

Putting yourself first is not being selfish. If you’re not at your best, how can you help the people around you that count on you, at home or at work?

PWS Advisory Group has now been operating for just over 12 months. And what a 12 months it was, effectively setting up a whole new business framework, computer systems and associated software installations, relocating business premises in Geelong and dealing with the effect of change on the team, all whilst continuing to service our supportive and loyal clients.

Personally, it was a very challenging year. However, I now realise that I would not have functioned effectively if it were not for my running. Running provided the ‘release valve’ and contributed to reinforcing my positive state of mind.

It would have been easy to work harder, longer hours. Instead, I had committed to completing the Melbourne Marathon in October of 2018. Training, running early each morning on the weekends and at least twice during the week was time consuming.

I had a choice, exercise and look after both my physical and mental wellbeing or work harder.  It was difficult at times, especially 5.30am on cold and dark winter mornings, knowing what was waiting for me at the office.  I chose exercise.

I truly believe that running was the main driver allowing me to cope in a very difficult year.

Accordingly, and in line with the vision of ‘Improving your Wellbeing’, I will be raising funds in support of mental health over the coming weeks, leading up to the 2019 Melbourne Marathon in October. I have nominated two charitable organisations that I believe will best service the wider community in this endeavour:

I will also be spreading the word that looking after yourself, both physically and mentally, is key to your effective performance and therefore ensuring the wellbeing of others that rely on you.

11 Weeks of training until the Big Day. In this time, I’m aiming at raising over $15,000. I also want to contribute to ‘Improving the Wellbeing’ of my close business associates, clients and friends by encouraging them to put themselves first for the benefit of those dependent on them.

I hope you can support me over the coming months as I commit to training and ultimately completing the 2019 Melbourne Marathon on 13th October.


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