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PWS Advisory Group Update

By June 10, 2020News Articles

I would like to provide you with an update on PWS Advisory Group including some of the current issues we are addressing with our clients.

The PWS Advisory Group Team

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge how very proud I am of the PWS Advisory Group team on their commitment, professionalism, motivation and positive attitude in these difficult times.

It is not easy to be working remotely, and they are all performing extremely well, supporting each other and staying well connected.

The team at PWS Advisory Group are committed to continue to support our clients, friends and family, associates and the wider community.

I believe to provide this support, we need a strong and focused team and I have certainly seen the Team, individually and collectively, adapt to these challenging circumstances. They have all individually lifted a level to ensure our clients’ needs are being met and together they are all making a positive difference.

Working Remotely

Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is still with us and may be for some time.

To ensure we are looking out for our team and therefore continue to service our clients during these difficult times, the PWS Advisory Team will continue to operate remotely. This arrangement will continue until at least July 2020, at which point we will again address the position.

We base this decision on ensuring that we provide a safe working environment to protect our team, our clients and associates, and the community at large.

As previously mentioned, under these difficult circumstances, we are performing extremely well and we remain business as usual. The team has remained focused, connected and motivated and are working very well together to deliver quality service to our valued clients.

We are available to assist you and your businesses. Please ensure you contact us if you have any concerns.

The Measures and Solutions

At PWS Advisory Group we are moving beyond the implementation stage regarding the application of the Government Stimulus Measures and the effects of the Coronavirus.

The team remain and will continue to remain up to date with the government announcements to ensure we provide appropriate guidance and solutions to our clients.

Whilst doing this, we are also looking at the bigger picture and the longer-term effects.  We are not just focusing on the immediate needs, but also looking forward, 6 months, 12 months and beyond.

The Australian economy will have a difficult time ahead, with a recession likely. With the ceasing of Government Stimulus Measures, businesses will feel the effect, with cashflow and funding being of concern.

It is crucial that we consider the longer-term effect on our client’s businesses and/or personal circumstances and be proactive with a plan.

In saying this, we are currently working with clients to develop exit strategies for their businesses.

Projecting the effect on cashflow, though development of budgets and forecasts, is the key to ensuring clients have a clear way forward once the effect of the stimulus measures fade.

We are here to help for the long term and the team are available and ready to assist.

You, our valued Clients

With our team remaining focused and available, we continue to be well placed to assist and service our clients.

We have been particularly active with:

  • The application of Government Stimulus Measures
  • ATO payment arrangements
  • Cashflow management for businesses
  • Re-financing and obtain additional credit facilities
  • Providing peace of mind for clients, by working through their concerns and providing a path forward

Clients, particularly retirees, are concerned about the current investment markets.

I previously sent out an email headed – ‘Stay in the Market’. During these times, sometimes doing nothing is the best strategy. We also hosted an Investment Webinar, focusing on investment strategies in this volatile market.  The webinar provided great insight into the drivers of today’s economic market, how different investments have been impacted and the differing approach some have to the current conditions.  Copies of the Webinar can be obtained on request or view here.

Please call to discuss your investment options and we can review with particular consideration to your personal circumstances.

If you are feeling unsure of things, you are concerned about your business, investments or your livelihood, please feel free to call one of the PWS Advisory Group team. We are all in this together and here to help.

Personal Wellbeing

Lastly and importantly, we, at PWS Advisory Group, are concerned with the personal wellbeing of all our clients, family, friends and associates and the wider community, particularly during these difficult times.

Looking after yourself isn’t being selfish

I have conveyed this message over the past 18 months and truly support it.

You need to look after yourself, both physically and mentally, so you are in a better position to help those around you, that need you.

I ensure I am looking after myself by running whenever possible, usually as the sun is rising each morning. An early morning run clears my mind, reducing stress and kick-starts my day.

I have the following message to you all.

Stay connected, look out for each other.

For those working remotely, at home, ensure you have a circuit breaker, ensuring you develop a balanced routine, with time out.  Time out could involve:

  • Cooking something new
  • Reading that book at long last
  • Learning a new language
  • Exercising

Importantly, call a friend, check in on them and support each other.

If you need assistance, please call, and I am sure our team can find a solution and way forward.

Thank you all for your support, I certainly appreciate it.  Together we can make a positive difference.

Steven Skoglund
Managing Director

PWS Advisory Group


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