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Optus Data Breach

By September 27, 2022News Articles

Over the past few days, PWS has had a number of clients reach out looking for advice on how to manage their credit file as they are a part of the affected group of Optus clients that have had their personal information stolen.

While there is not a 100% safeguard that can be put in place to protect their identities, I have been recommending that they register with Equifax Credit & Identity Protect.  Equifax is one of the major credit reporting agencies, managing credit enquiries, repayment history and defaults for most Individuals and Companies within Australia.  Optus are also offering the most affected current and former customers whose information was compromised because of the cyberattack, the option to take up a 12-month subscription to Equifax Protect at no cost.  Optus will send direct communication to those clients that they are offering the subscription.

Equifax Credit & Identity Protect is a subscription service for individuals.  For $14.95/m the member will receive monthly credit reports, be advised of any credit enquiries, have personal information monitored on the dark web and have access to Insurance to assist in covering costs associated with restoring your identity in the event of theft.  There is no lock in contracts, so for those affected by the Optus theft, you can take out the Equifax Credit and Identity Protect subscription now and cancel once the current breach has been rectified.

PWS is committed to improving our clients wellbeing and while we understand that taking out the Equifax subscription will not remove the threat of identity theft for the general public or resolve the current Optus issue, we do believe that having access to your personal information and being updated regularly on your information’s use through a trusted source such as Equifax will help to alleviate the stress of not knowing if your personal information is being used without your consent. It will also provide an audit trail that may be needed to prove any unauthorised transactions that might arise as a result of the theft.

To find out more about the Equifax Credit & Identity Protect subscription visit:

If you would like to discuss other ways you can protect your identity please call the office and discuss your options with one of the PWS Team.


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