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Homelessness Week 2019

By August 8, 2019News Articles

Homelessness Week is the annual awareness-raising week to highlight the 116,000 Australians who are homeless on any given night – in Geelong alone there are more than 600 people homeless every night.  Currently, there are 195,000 Australians on social housing waitlists.  The theme in 2019 is “Housing Ends Homelessness”.

As part of Homelessness Week PWS and Select Architects held their very own “Block” on Friday 2nd Aug.  Each team had to build a Home from cardboard boxes which will be used for an activation at Johnstone Park on 8th August.

The cardboard house is symbolic of homelessness in a couple of ways:

  • Cardboard is often used as shelter/warmth for those sleeping on the street, either as a mattress or to keep dry/warm
  • The houses will have 50+ holes punched into the roof structure – these holes will be threaded with ribbons – to symbolize the ratio of how many people to houses we currently have

Both teams really put in and had a lot of fun building their homes and I am proud to announce that Bethany declared PWS the victor of the “Block 2019”.  All fun aside, the teams got to hear the cold hard facts about homelessness and the issues facing those that have no OR very limited options.

Hopefully our little cardboard homes can help to increase awareness as well as action.


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